Truemoola Fun Cube Thc-O Gummies 600mg


  • Fun Cube THC-O Gummies
  • 60mg THC-O per Gummy
  • Pack of 10 Chewy Gummies
  • 600mg THC-O per Pack
  • Range of Juicy Flavors
  • All-Natural Flavoring
  • Lab Tested for Purity + Quality
  • Official Truemoola Brand
  • Vegan Friendly
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Truemoola Fun Cube Thc-O Gummies 600mg

Truemoola’s Fun Cube chewy gummies are made with 60 mg of pure THC-O, all-natural flavoring, and a vegan-friendly gummy base. Each bag contains 10 pieces of delicious flavored gummies.


  • 600mg THC-O per pack
  • 60mg per gummy
  • 10 gummies per pack
  • 3 flavor variations!

Package Contents:

  • pack of Truemoola Fun Cube Thc-O Gummies 600mg

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Mango, Fuji Apple, Watermelon Melon


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