Cereal Labs Baked THC Blend Disposable – 3g


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  • 3g per disposable
  • 1 button operation
  • pre-heat functionality
  • Delta-8 and HHC Blend
  • 10 Delicious flavors


Introducing the Baked Blend lineup of Cereal Labs. The baked blend is a disposable featuring 3g of HHC and Delta-8 in a beautiful ergonomic white disposable vape with LED light indicator. The Cereal Blend THC vape features a one button operation; 5 consecutive clicks to turn on/ off. Simply press the button while inhaling to enjoy. The cereal labs 3g also features pre-heat functionality that can be activated with 2 clicks. The Baked Blend lineup comes in 10 delicious flavors guaranteed to light up your tastebuds.


  • Blue dream- a dreamy combination of blueberries, refreshing pine, with notes of citrus
  • cherry lime gelato- a creamy balance of tart and sweet, with notes of cherry, lime and berries
  • cinnamon crunch- a blend of warm cinnamon and brown sugar, evoking nostalgia for a classic breakfast
  • cookies n clouds- an indulgent blend of creamy vanilla ice cream and chocolate sandwich cookies
  • crispy pebbles- a fruity, cereal-like taste with hints of cherry, citrus, and berries
  • lemon pound cake- bright vanilla cake paired with tangy lemon glaze
  • og kush- a soothing earthy flavor with hints of pine and spice
  • pineapple express- uplifting earthy tropical flavor of pineapple and papaya
  • purple punch- a sweet, earthy blend of grape and mixed notes.
  • blue razz- a refreshing blend of sweet blueberries and tart raspberries